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How can I ensure the total quantity of my goods is shipped?

How can I ensure the total quantity of my goods is shipped?

Almost every week we receive the same question from importers: how can I ensure the total quantity of my goods is shipped? In fact, when you purchase products from China, you want to make sure that you receive the entire shipment with the correct number of units. Receiving the complete order is of particular importance because you pay for a specific number of products and use the per unit price to calculate your selling price, profit margin, and shipping costs.

A shortfall in the number of units can have a detrimental impact on your business finances and reputation. Negative consequences can include: Customs fines (actual quantity not consistent with invoice), Financial Loss (you get less for what you paid for), Quantity shortage (you miss out on sales) or Profit margin decrease (or you may have to increase your selling price). Therefore, let’s answer to your main question:

How can I ensure the total quantity of my goods is shipped?

To make sure you get what you pay for and guarantee delivery of the correct quantity of goods; one of the solution is to be present until your products are all ready for shipment, and supervise the container loading process. Once you confirm that the right number is officially loaded into the container for shipment, and the consignment is locked and sealed, there is no potential to lose units until you reopen the container in the destination country.

The primary objectives of container loading supervision are to:

  • Verify the total quantity of goods are loaded
  • Ensure that the condition of the container will protect your products from rain and other hazards during transportation
  • Evaluate if the goods are loaded in the right way to avoid movement and falls that could result in damage, affect handling at the warehouse (especially for Amazon sellers), and impact on the quality of the product for end-consumers (broken parts, scratches, moisture, stains, rust and more).
  • Verify all documents are ready for custom’s clearance in the country of destination
  • Make sure that goods are loaded as expected (master cartons sequence, storage method).

Is that enough to succeed?

The shipment of the total quantity of products is not enough to ensure 100% satisfaction and success when sourcing from Asia. You also need to ensure the product conforms to the expectations of your end consumer. That means delivering safe products of the right quality, at the right time. The container loading supervision process cannot achieve this in isolation, but should be combined with other quality control methods such the pre-shipment inspection to verify the product specifications and quality are conformed to your requirements.

Understand what happens during container loading supervision.

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Camilo Tafurth

I am Customer Service Manager of AQF for Latin America. I am in daily contact with our clients in this region helping them to secure their imports from Asia. I would like to share their questions regarding doing business in Asia and Quality Control since it may help other buyers as well

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