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Humidité dans les containers: prévention

AQF_Humidity in Containers - prevention actions

Indeed, in spite of an acceptable pre-board inspection result there is always a risk that the goods will be damaged during transport due to moisture in the containers.

Temperature and humidity in containers

The humidity level varies according to the temperature, the location of the container on the cargo and the type of product transported. This study explains these variations with practical cases: « Temperature & Humidity in Ocean Containers ». It is based on containers in good condition; we can easily imagine the increased risk when the container is in bad conditions!

Moisture-related damage in containersdamage

Mold and fungus proliferate on and in the cartons. It is fragile, to the point of losing its protective function.

Different chemical reactions take place too. Together with the salt of the ocean the metal products oxidize and rust. Corrosion is especially detrimental to bright metals, and their resistance is diminished in the most extreme cases.

One of the most well-known consequences is the melting of glue. It flows on products, it is often difficult to remove and can also damage their primary function.

Clothes are also at risk. They lose their color or they lose their color. These defects are often irremediable.

Verification and prevention of moisture in containers

Rapid container control can help reduce risk. Here are some points to check which are directly or indirectly related to the problems of humidity *:

• No nails that could damage the load
• No holes or cracks in the container walls, floor or ceiling
• Doors open and close properly
• Closure systems work properly
• Container is waterproof without any daylight visible from inside)
• The interior of the container is completely dry
• The doors and roof covering (if required) have been closed. (The cables are securely fastened, the padlocks or the sealing system is tightly closed to prevent further opening or attempted theft).

* This list is one of the items checked by the Quality Inspector during a container load inspection inspection.

And you: have you faced quality problems due to moisture in the containers?


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