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7 razones para visitar el MEGA SHOW 2015

7 buenas razones para visitar el MEGA SHOW 2015

What is the best way to get off to a good start in 2016? For many of the world’s wholesalers and retailers, it is servicing MEGA SHOW 2015 in Hong Kong. The fair lasts only 8 days. It is certainly a very short period but an event that is worth participating to start the good course next season. These are the 7 very good reasons to visit the MEGA SHOW 2015.

7 reasons to visit MEGA SHOW 2015

The largest fair in the world for sourcing

While specialized trade shows offer a good insight into a specific industry, the MEGA SHOW offers the most comprehensive and comprehensive view of the world market on a wide range of products. In fact, the MEGA SHOW continues to grow over the years. With over 53,000 buyers in 2014 (43,000 in 2013), it attracts everyone in the Pacific-Asian, whether it’s the gift industry, home or toys.

Keep an eye on the competition

The MEGA SHOW is the place to analyze the market, study trends, form alliances and affirm presence in the market. It is one of the best annual events to gather the necessary resources, make predictions and make informed decisions on how to develop your business.

Explore new business opportunities

As new ideas lead to new business development opportunities, the MEGA SHOW immerses the visitor instantly in a stream of innovative ideas and opportunities. The Products Showcase area , located at the main entrance, allows a quick and global view of what can be expected from what is exposed, and this happens after the first minute you enter the fairground.

Learn, share, exchange

There are more than 100 nationalities represented by visitors attending MEGA SHOW 2015. It is a unique opportunity to talk about the supply industry with other professionals, solve the supply chain challenges and exchange advice among industry experts to secure imports .

Find new suppliers

With more than 5400 exhibitors (3500 to MEGA SHOW part 1), the MEGA SHOW allows you to supply a wide range of products in one place only, and find reliable suppliers based in Asia: manufacturers as well as service providers, inspection companies , to improve your business strategy.

strengthen professional relationships with existing providers

Most of the time, the communication with suppliers is remote, via telephone, emails, Skype chat. The Mega Show gives the possibility of reducing this distance, speaking in person with the suppliers. It builds an efficient relationship and addresses your concerns and requirements regarding compliance.

To improve the relationship with suppliers, bringing a delicacy from the country of origin is always recommended!

Quality control and quality assurance

The MEGA SHOW is the ideal time to define the quality expectations and the quality control of the products bought or to be bought. The AQF team will again attend the MEGA SHOW part 1, at stand 3T-32 . Visit us to discuss your current quality issues, upcoming projects, market trends, sourcing in Asia and more, or request a meeting now!

And you: What makes me return to MEGA SHOW every year?

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