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Inspection Process

How is your factory involved during a product inspection?

Factory role during an inspection by the Quality Control Blog

What is the factory role during a product inspection? The inspection day for a Quality Inspector is normally very long however, the time spent in the factory is limited: 4 hours on average. It is a sufficient amount of time to perform the inspection only if it has been subject to adequate preparation by both the inspector and the factory. 

What does your vendor during a product inspection

Manpower to help the Quality inspector

The Quality Control Inspector needs manpower in order to proceed with the inspection within the limited amount of time available. The factory manpower is required to:

  • Transport the randomly selected export cartons from the warehouse to the inspection room.
  • Unpack the goods that the inspector arbitrarily selects from the selected export cartons.
  • Repack the goods after the product inspection.

The factory workers assistance ensure that the Quality Inspector focuses on his main job: identifying defects and non-conformities.

 Working space for the Quality inspector

To select the cartons indiscriminately, they should be located in a wide area where the Quality Control inspector can see all of them and easily select the cartons randomly, as requested by AQL international standards. The room for inspection should be large enough, well-lit and clean and the factory is responsible for preparing the working environment accordingly in advance, so the Quality Inspector (QI) focuses on his main job without losing time.

Equipment for testing

During a product inspection, the goods should be tested. Both basic and small equipment are usually brought by the QI, but most of the equipment required for testing should be provided by the factory. The factory’s role in all of this is to guarantee that the testing equipment works properly and is available for the QI on the inspection day.


This is one of the primary concerns while sending a quality inspector to control goods. There is the risk that the QI or the factory will attempt to seek out some extra money in exchange for a good inspection result. Factories should be clearly informed on the rules without leaving anything open for interpretation: no money should be given to the QI and in the event bribery is initiated by the QI, the factory’s role is to immediately inform the third party inspection company or manager (in cases involving internal QC departments).

It is highly recommended one be precise and outline each of the supplier’s responsibilities, in writing, before the inspection date. It is even better if the supplier approves them in writting prior to the inspection. It will offer clarification, eliminate confusion and reduce the risk of the QI having to disagreement with the factory on the day of the inspection. It ensures the best conditions possible.

And you: what other role do you recommend for the factory during an inspection?


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