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How do I verify that my container is packed properly?

Container loading supervision quantity check by the Quality Control Blog

How do I verify that my container is packed properly?

Most people use a pre-shipment inspection prior to shipping to ensure that product quality is up to their standards. However, how can you ensure even if your products are fine after the PSI that they will arrive in the same condition? How can you ensure that your boxes are packed with the correct products and that the cartons are not already wet? How can you ensure that the proper quantity is shipped out and container is packed properly?

Some inspection companies offer a Container Loading Supervision (CLS), which is a service meant to check all of these aspects. This service doesn’t include checking the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit), like a typical inspection would.

The Container Loading Supervision usually takes place at a warehouse, under serious time constraints and poor working conditions. However, it is certainly a useful tool to further safeguard your imports.

  • The CLS is not a product quality inspection. To ensure the quality of your products after production, use a Pre-shipment inspection instead. Any problems found at this time would moot, as the container is about to leave.

What can be done during the CLS?

  • Check quantity of cartons
  • Ensure that products in boxes are what you ordered (no last-minute swap)
  • Ensure that products are packed properly
  • Check the container to ensure it is in good condition (air tight, no leaking)
  • Supervise the loading process

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