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Chinese scams: how to find them out

AQF_Chinese scams: how to find it out

China is the largest manufacturer of goods in the world. It has a very rich variety of suppliers: enormous and tiny, excellent and awful, real and fake. One third of the importers usually organize their supply chain in China by their own. However, they take a lot of risk as Chinese scams are frequent.

Just by searching on internet, we can easily find business people complaining how they have lost their money. The main reason is their illiteracy on how to do business in Asia, especially in China. Experienced business people are familiar with those common scamming schemes. They can protect the importers’ money for few dollars.

How to avoid Chinese scams

  • Perform factory audits: many importers are aware of the real importance of a service such as the Factory Audit. Some had to experience Chinese scams to understand how useful an audit is.
  • Always keep an eye open: only the awareness of the Chinese scams risks can protect us from working with scammers.
  • Learn about the several scammers’ types: “Legal” Scammers, Spammers, Guilin Scammers and much more.

And you: how do you identify Chinese scams?



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6 responses to “Chinese scams: how to find them out”

  1. YASIR says:

    need help.. i really dont knw what to do.. i payed around 200 dollor for two ps4 from almansoori
    1st i payed 100 dollor he said due to UAE custrm i need to pay more 100 dollor for two peice.. after thinking alot.. i payed.. after he recerve money he said i have 2 pay 150dollor more
    i mean nothin is clear.. i payed him 100 dollor he said he will delever after i pay 100 dolor.. after payment he said i have 2 pay more.. i mean watz thiz after i pay he said i have 2 pay more.. i didnt get it delevered wat should i do now.. my money taken but da goods arnt delevered 2 me


  2. Mr. Habib. says:

    In China I sent 2 payment to 2 companies , 1 never send the goods nor sent back money , 2nd company book the goods but no shipment , chased and give money back to agent and agent never give me this money . What to do ????? my e.mail; from Hong Kong. Mr. Habib.

  3. jimmy says:

    In this site we expose most popular scam companiese of china
    who scam innocent peoples by providing low rates of
    expensive things.

    • mm Claire Piccinno says:

      @Jimmy: thank you for your suggestion, we welcome you to join us on the Quality Control Blog to share your experience with our readers too! :)

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