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Chinese New Year and your production

One question I have been getting recently from those clients who are newer to China is what to expect with Chinese New Year approaching? The celebrations of the year of the Dragon officially start January 23rd. That said, the effects on your supply chain may be more than you would think, because:

  • This is not like a Western holiday where we celebrate and go back to work immediately after. Chinese New Year is celebrated for several weeks.
  • Most factories are shut down for a couple of weeks, as most employees cross the country to return home to see family.
  • The weeks preceding and following the celebration are also often quite sluggish. Many of the best workers and managers as a reward are allowed to leave early for the holiday, leading to even more potential headaches.
  • You may be cut off from contact with your factory for even a few weeks!
  • Alternatively, some factories may quickly push the products out of the factory before the holiday, giving them even less time and attention than average.

It is important to make sure that any loose ends are tied up in the next month in order to ensure that projects are finished and products are not stranded. If your factory is set to ship before the holiday, take extra care in checking these products for defects as chances are they may have been rushed a bit. If production does not wrap up by then, it is best to have realistic expectations of your factory as, if they are even running at all, they will be running severely under-staffed.

Picture of Claire Piccinno, writing for Asian Quality Focus

Claire Piccinno

After experiencing critical quality problems while working for trading company in China, Claire decided to dedicate to the quality control industry since 2009. She is now AQF marketing manager.

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