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4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015

4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015

It’s all about tech these days. With people all over the world eagerly awaiting new product releases and sharing innovative ideas, the consumer electronics industry is now the most dynamic and promising worldwide. Making up over $211 billion* in the US alone, there is no wonder that the industry is gathering more and more specialized trade shows around it. Which ones are the “can’t miss” ones? Here are the 4 highlighted reasons why the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015 should definitely be within the top five to visit.

4 Highlights of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015

The largest trade show focused on consumer Electronics only

The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair is one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in the world. With two events per year, it offers a comprehensive overview of the electronics market with over 55,000 products and around 400 service providers in the industry. The Autumn Edition happens to be the largest of the shows, with over 4,100 exhibitors and 95,000 buyers from over 150 countries in the world.

Hot spots to visit: novelties and trends

Just as it is impossible to leave Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower, it is impossible not to go to the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn edition) 2015 and to not check out the 4 key spots.

The “Hall of Fame” will grab and hold everyone’s attention with a selection of cutting edge innovations available at the show. It’s a great place to start to catch a glimpse of the entire exhibition in one single location.

The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair is not only about seeing what’s available, but also about being part of what’s to come. The Technology Exchange Zone is where to find prototypes of future products, exchange expertise and talk to inventors. This is the place where the future of the industry is created.

Also, the Autumn Edition presents new product categories such as:

  • Robotics & Unmanned Tech
    Although, mobile robots have found wide applications in industry-related, military and security fields, the raise of consumer mobile technologies has lead to design robots with various end-user applications for entertainment and domestic functions. At the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015, we will get the chance to see the latest innovations featuring drones, quad-copters, self-balancing electric unicycle/scooter and humanoids in its brand-new zone: Meeting Room N101.
  • Smart Tech
    According to Cisco, in 2008 the number of things connected to the Internet was greater than the people living on Earth, and it is expected to reach 50 billion within 2020. Some of the Top Applications are Traffic monitoring, Health Security, Transport and Logistics, Daily life and domotics. From security alarms to smart thermostats, smart technologies have flooded the market and invaded customers’ homes. The new zone to source the latest smart tech products is at the Convention Hall Foyer & Mezzanine.

And, within the existing products’ categories some demonstrate strong innovation and may be worth a visit:

  • Wearable electronics
    The wearable electronics market is expected to reach $25 Billion by 2020. Indeed, the interest in this sector has been growing for a decade and the interest is mostly lead by wearable fitness trackers, smart watches and bands. Lately, one of the most significant trends reaching the BtoC market are the wearable wrist bands that allow the user to monitor daily activities by using state of the art sensors. The HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015 gives a window of opportunity to bring innovation to importers while providing the ability to leverage sales and meet market demand.
  • 3D printing
    The 3D market has been booming in the past few years and is expected to reach $8.4 billion by 2025, representing 2 million unit sales per year. Forecasts are even predicting that in 2040 there will be a 3D printer in each home, in the USA, as the price for such devices will be dropping. 3D printing applications are found in diverse sectors already, including aerospace, medical, automotive, education and imaging technologies. The HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015 provides the possibility to meet with Asian key suppliers at level 4.


We often hear that the future is now – and it really is at the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015 seminars. The conferences are free and offer a unique insight into the evolution of the consumer electronics industry (in general) and its applications to various businesses:

Service providers and Quality control

Sourcing and looking for new ideas may be the most popular objectives for those attending this fair, but these are not the only ones. With compliance and quality control being the two most challenging areas of the supply chain in the Asia Pacific, the fair is the most suitable place for getting in touch with quality control service providers – especially, those specializing in the field of consumer electronics. These contacts may prove invaluable in the future, and help securing imports, while saving both time and money.

The AQF team will be at the show, at booth M4-A26 (Level 4). We have worked on offering specific services to match the quality requirements of the consumer electronics industry. Get more than quality control. Make a request for an appointment today.

And you: What areas of the HKTDC Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2015 would you highlight? What product categories are you most interested in for this edition?

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*information from the Consumer Electronics Association,

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Claire Piccinno

After experiencing critical quality problems while working for trading company in China, Claire decided to dedicate to the quality control industry since 2009. She is now AQF marketing manager.

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