Defect Sorting Service

DefectThis is the time where we get to introduce you to one of Asia Quality Focus’ unique added-value services, the Defect Sorting service (DSS)!

While the purpose of a product inspection is to ensure the quality and lack of defects in your production, the DSS is used in the unfortunate case of a failed inspection. The purpose of the Defect Sorting service is to sort out as many products as possible on identified (known or potential) issues (ex: specific cosmetic defects, functionality problems, or packing imperfections, etc.) during the number of man-days allocated. Other checks will not be done during this inspection. This service is an efficient way for you to check if your factory has reworked the products as requested and check the % of defects affecting your shipment.

Our inspectors do not go by the same standard checklist as our normal Product Inspection services (product specifications, quantity, labeling & marking, packing & packaging, on site tests, cosmetics), as it would take valuable time away from sorting out defective products. In the unfortunate case of a failed inspection, we highly recommend using the DSS (after theoretical reworking from your factory) to ensure that the maximum number of products possible has been sorted out by the factory for reworking; the point is to check a larger sampling size than what we could normally check during a normal inspection in order to get a better representativeness.

Adding our DSS to your Quality Assurance program will help to improve your processes and shall certainly lead to better quality of your shipments !

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