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March 23rd: Pakistan day celebrations

AQF_March 23rd: Pakistan day celebrations by the Quality Control BlogPakistan celebrates on March 23rd the Pakistan Day. Officially, it commemorates the Lahore Resolution of 1940. However, originally, the holiday celebrated the first democratic constitution of the country. Today, it commemorates both events. Pakistan Day is a bank holiday and almost all businesses are shut down. Continue reading

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Australian International Sourcing Fair 2012

australian international sourcing fair 2012Asia Quality Focus just returned from the Australian International Sourcing Fair in Sydney last week. The show brought together thousands of buyers from Australia, New Zealand and the Islands with hundreds of Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indonedian, Thai, Vietnamese (and more!) suppliers. While a smaller sourcing fair than Global Sources or the Canton Fair, it was overall a great success. Continue reading

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Trade in Pakistan

Trade in PakistanWith prices soaring in China, Pakistan, along with India and Bangladesh has become another hot spot for textile and apparel sourcing in the Asian continent. Problems in this country are obvious. Security is an issue evident in situation that unraveled in the spring with Osama Bin Laden, along with poverty and many others. However, Pakistan, South Asia’s 2nd largest economic power, has become a successful export market worthy of consideration for your sourcing.

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